A BMX Freestyle – Extreme Bike Stunt & Skill Racing Game FREE

Top BMX Racing game is now available for iPhone!

Ready for a ride that is going to be an awesome? Choose your favourite BMX rider and challenge yourself/friends to some of the most amazing BMX racing out there. BMX Freestyle is an exhilarating game that is fun for the entire family!

Features include:
– 25 challenging BMX levels/tracks to ride/race
– Ride and race friends against the clock
– Collect money along the BMX track for additional points
– 5 different BMX riders to choose from
– Play online against friends and random opponents
– Power Boosts will help you get through any challenging level/track
– Level Skips – When you need that extra bit of help to get past that difficult level

How to Play

To get speed simply press and hold your finger on the screen when going downhill and release when going uphill.

Sounds easy? There is definitely a bit of skill & strategy required in order to make it through the course in the allotted time. Throw in some tricks/stunts and things will get interesting.

Download BMX Freestyle now!


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