A Big Fish Paradise Surfer HD PRO – Multiplayer

We know you’ve seen fish, but we’re quite sure you haven’t seen fish as cool as this. Have some fun and make a splash with this fun and sassy game — Big Fish Paradise Surfer!

“Game play is easy to understand and it’s really hard to stop once you’ve started playing!”

“The colorful and refreshing design, the simple-to-understand instructions and the challenging stages make this game appealing for players of all ages.”

Sometimes, fishes just want to have fun so why don’t you join in? Mind you, these fishes don’t just swim around. They jump and dive and have a good time! There are five different colorful fishes to choose from, all of which seemingly having their own identity so you can easily choose which one represents you the most! And it’s really simple to play! Do you know how to tap or touch a screen? Great! You’re ready to go! But, just because the instructions are easy, doesn’t mean that the whole game isn’t challenging. You’ll be surprised at how one tap can change the progress of the game. So call your friends and get into this game! It’s time to dive and swim with the big fishes!

– Colorful and lively design that appeals to a wide variety of players
– Multiplayer: Have fun with friendly competition with friends
– Supports Game Center and Facebook connect!
– Simple, but challenging to play
– Power ups and In-game features for improved gaming experience
– Multiple levels that add challenge and enjoyment

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