a 2nd Kiss to Revenge

✔ You can Download this game
- without using Wifi

✔ Lots of things to Enjoy !!
- Beautiful HD Retina Graphic !!
- EasySlot & Mini RPG Battle & Costume Collecting
- & Alchemist Puzzle + etc !!

[-] Can’t Loose SlotMachine
- very easy slotmachine which you will always win
- But strategy needed in order to earn a lot

[-] Hold & Up & Down
- hold a slot by using HOLD
- move up a slot by using UP
- move down a slot by using DOWN

[-] Mini RPG Battle
- She will do an auto battle
- while you do the SLOT !!
- Lv60 Boss killed her father
- so she will level up and become stronger
- KISS her in order to recover her HP

[-] Alchemist Puzzle
- fun simple easy Puzzle game :)

[-] Girl customizing
- You can customize her with
- many clothes & accessories

[-] When she becomes level 10
- you will be able to buy really
- HOT (Age 17+) & strange costumes !!

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