99 Birds

99 Birds, a fresh match 3 diversion, features our favorite feathered friends and brings them to life with physics and visuals that are fun and dynamic. Birds float, fly, bump and get stuck just like in the sky above. Each bird, blinks, chirps, is rendered in full 3D, and in all your favorite colors which change with each new game. Tap to match 3 and watch the feathers fly. How fun is that! 99 Birds is an iOS exclusive, fast, fun and addictive.

Tap a bird to match at least three of the same color, but get as many as you can together for bigger scores and a chance to find the golden egg. You’ve only got 99 Birds, so use them wisely, strategy and speed are key to maximum scores.

It’s time to start tapping … 99 Birds!

Realistic 3D physics.
Shootout w/Friends.
HD bird graphics.
Sequential matching.
Completely freeform packing.
Hidden golden egg bonus.
Find and collect hidden coins.
Perfect game bonus.
New colors every game.
Multiple difficulty levels.
High score tracker.
Game Statistics.

99% Birds

# Top3 Free Game on the Korean App Store(Feb. 2012) #
★ Occupy Together! Occupy Wall Street! ★
★ Enjoy! But don’t forget. What matters is not to forget! ★

*** Mission ***

Clear each stage at the highest level to rebuild the home burnt by the fire.

### Tip ###

The key is to make as much money as possible.
Do not focus on the number of coins you collect but on the amount. Do not miss the big coins and bills.


This is a story about a crow family who has lost their home to a Wall Street-made disaster. But they are the survivors! They are truly the Mighty! 99%!

Earn money moving from left to right and right to left, dodging stones falling from the thick-foggy sky. Coins (4 types) and bills (4 types) fall at a speed and a path different from one another.

Clear all stages at the highest level and rebuild the house devoured by the fire for the Crow family!


In a beautiful forest live the Crows happily and peacefully.
One day humans come from “behind the Wall.” Their one moment of carelessness sets the forest on fire. The fire devours the Crows’ home.
All of sudden, the family finds themselves homeless and helpless.
But the father has to be strong for his loving family.
The father and mother are determined to survive the tragedy and to make money for the family.

[About the Game]

(1) Easy to play
- Use the button to move right and left. Anyone can play the game with ease.

(2) Interesting to play
- Sometimes stones fall from the sky, interrupting the player’s move. Once hit by the stone, the character in the game is frozen for seconds. Thick fog sometimes comes, reducing the visibility.

(3) Fun to see
- The Mighty is set in places representative of the US, providing a lot to see and enjoy. (Additional scenes are to be updated for free.)
- It is interesting to watch a unique home being restored from the scratch in 3D.

(3) The mission is straightforward.
- Earn the money for the family. If the family earns enough money, they can buy food and rebuild the home.
- As 90 stages are cleared at the highest level, a unique house is built step by step.

* Multiple characters
- It is planned to update the game with several interesting characters of different abilities for free.