Sudoku puzzle 16×16!!

SudokuMe16x16 is an awesome app game that allows you to play an unlimited amount of sudoku puzzles on your iPad. There is no possibility to get twice the same puzzle since they are randomly generated.

★ Features ★
✓ Support !!!!!! GAME CENTER !!!!!!!, 5 Leaderboards and 20 achievements.

✓ Facebook/Twitter support, allows you to publish your scores/achievement to Facebook and Twitter.

✓ Five levels of difficulty.

✓ Load/Save puzzle from/to the application database.

✓ Statistic, it saves every finished puzzles automatically, that allows you to keep tracking your best played records for each level, you can restart it whenever you want to re-challenge it.

✓ Pause/Resume which allows you are able to take a short break from the puzzle.

✓ Undo/Redo the selected number.

✓ Smart note, automatically put the related note on the field, or put all notes for all fields or clear them all with only one tap.

✓ Auto/manual check for incorrect numbers.

✓ Smart eraser to let you remove number on the field clearly and easily.

✓ Hint, to provide you a easy way to find out current single note field, certainly a little penalty is required ;-).

✓ Keep device from sleeping, your iPhone/iPod no longer sleep while you are thinking in a puzzle.

✓ Smart coloring fields, allows you to see the relation of each fields while tapping on it.

✓ In game progress indicator, to show you current progress with a bar interface.

✓ Compatible with iOS4.3 iPad device, Retina Display for new iPad support.

✓ Customize your own background by picking up an photo from your own album.

Any reviews and ratings are all appreciated, your comments are making this app become better!!

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