9 digits – sudoku variations

Play 4 brain teasing logic games – Sudoku | Killer Sudoku | MathDoku | X-Sudoku – with thousands of puzzles.

Don’t get stuck – 9 digits’ helpers guide your next move and teach you solution strategies.

• choose levels from beginner to master
• easily enter digits and candidates
• get notified about careless mistakes
• get step-by-step hints for your next move
• optionally limit input to valid numbers
• colored digits help you to focus
• undo and redo moves
• unique solutions, no guessing needed
• no ads – just concentrate on the puzzle
• no boring sounds – listen to your music
• no internet required to play games

❖ Enjoy classic Sudoku and try the X-Sudoku variation or use your math skills to solve Killer Sudoku and MathDoku puzzles!
❖ 9 digits was created by people who love to play logic games