8×1 – Solitaire

Finally, a better looking, cleaner, and more stylish SOLITAIRE than all others!

SOLITAIRE 8×1 invites you into a never-before-seen game world, with awesome graphics, and an impressive game flow.

– The Legendary game KLONDIKE
– Amazing graphics for unmistakable readability – a moment of pure relaxation.
– Impressive game flow, with ultra-responsive keys and a simple and intuitive interface.
– In-game classical music
– Is your phone ringing? No worries, your game is saved.
– Move cards with just a click. And minimal effort for you.
– An optional timer (with or without)
– A move counter (on or off)
– Your top score saved…
– Draw 1 or 3 cards (you choose the difficulty level)
– An “undo” function to reverse your actions, just in case you want to take back a move

FULL VERSION includes:
– Eight games for the price of one: Legendary games KLONDIKE & FREECELL…
And the newer SPIDER, GOLF, PYRAMID, SCORPION, CANFIELD et TWO OF A KIND! A rich and generous selection.
– 20 backgrounds, 20 card backs, and three card styles (clean and stylish look that gives you a break from the kitschy backgrounds you usually get)

SOLITAIRE 8×1 is developed and published by EXTRA LIVE. All Rights Reserved. Copyright EXTRA LIVE © 2009-2012

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