8-Bit Defense is a game where you protect your castle from incoming enemy attacks. This defense game is set apart from other games by its nostalgic visual style, the enemies will come from every direction, your defenders freely move around, and more!

There are 4 stages, and for each stage there are 30 days of play.
Use the special abilities of your swordsmen, magicians, archers, and monks strategically to defeat the increasingly difficult waves of enemy attackers. Make your defensive army stronger through powerups and leveling up your defenders.

The last stages will truly test your ability to manage your army under pressure from all sides. Try your best to complete all stages and lead your army to victory!

There are also daily large enemy raid events at given times during the day. Do your best during that time to both protect your castle and destroy the most enemies! These events are ranked, and there are prizes for the players with the highest ranks!

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