8 Bit Drop Lite

This is the Lite version of “8-Bit Drop Pro”

In a galaxy not so far away, perfectly good
pixels started to go dead and began to
mysteriously drop from the sky.
It was said that to keep peace
the remaining perfect pixels needed
to be collected.
Now it’s your destiny to
bring “resolution” back to 8-Bit Galaxy.

Collect as many “Perfect Pixels” (Green) as you can to increase your pixel count (Score) and upgrade to 16-bit mode! Avoid “Dead Pixels” (Red) to prevent death & avoid “Poisonous Pixels” (Subtracts Points) to keep “resolution” in 8-Bit Galaxy.

The Lite version only includes one game mode. The Pro Version includes:

Three New Game Modes:
Avoid dead pixels to preserve your health as you weave in & out collecting perfect pixels to save the galaxy.

Collect as many perfect pixels before time runs out. One life, 30 seconds to save the galaxy. Timer is extended when collecting power-ups.

Black & White:
Follow commands from mission control, collect black or white pixels depending on the commands given. Collecting the wrong pixel at the wrong time only costs you..the lives of millions.

8-Bit Drop Lite includes these Power-Ups:
Invincibility & Pixel Frenzy!

Upgrade to 8-Bit Drop Pro today and unlock:
Mr. Magnet: Collecting the magnet power-up transforms you into Mr. Magnet which magnetizes pixels right to you.

Pixel Frenzy: Collecting the frenzy power-up makes it rain perfect pixels! Collect them all before they pass you by!

& Introducing… 16 Bit Mode! When collecting 16 consecutive perfect pixels, upgrade to your invincible final form and blast those dead pixels into oblivion, and doubling your score!

Upgrading to 8-Bit Drop Pro also includes these new features:
Brand New Features:
+Motion Controls
+New Music!
+Beautiful Art By KPG
+Brand New look
+Much More!


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All rights reserved.
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all other associated games/ apps are
trademarks and property of:

Thilan Wijesinha & Dennis Jaurigue

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