About 7Dice

7Dice is the game which erases dice to turn the dice which was arranged in the 3D space and for the total of two pieces of dice to become 7.

Calculation is simple and clear the game is the key to spatial perception and reflexes.
The higher the level, the more the number of each type of the dice.
One cube has many layers of stacked dice so the choice of the location of the dice to be erased, erasing can no longer adjacent the dice.
Rotate the entire the cube and let’s catch the space of all dice.

The game rule

Can not be erased unless the adjacent the dice.
Please delete the time limit.

The dice turns when doing the dice which is arranged in the screen at the Tap.
It turns dice to add up two pieces of dice in top and bottom, or left and right and for the total to become 7.
The dice can be erased when Tap the between two pieces of dice if the total of the dice is 7.
When Flick a screen at the top and bottom or left and right direction, the all dice can be turned.

White dice : The count rises when do Tap on dice.
Red dice : The dice which line in the same direction is erased.
Black dice : The dice doesn’t turn.
Green dice : The dice turns randomly.

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