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ZombieHunter [7DA] is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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7Days Apocalypse Review

All of these crazy updates must have you ripping your hair out over iDracula. 7Days Apocalypse just hit the app store, and we’ve got a video review! Does 7Days have what it takes to beat the 4-out-of-4 iDracula? Check it out after the jump!

Getting tired of iDracula? Want something with a little extra kick? Try 7Days Apocalypse.

7Days is a 3D zombie shoot-em-up game that uses touch controlled joysticks. There are several objectives in the game’s missions like timed survival, collection and kill count. Timed survival is just murdering zombies while surviving for a set amount of time. Collection is all about finding a number of items without dying. Kill count sets a zombie kill quota.

You play the kick-ass, zombie mauler Akimi. She is on a mission to protect Dr. Cupper to get back to the mansion and create an antidote for the dreaded S-virus, which is turning everyone into the zombies that are digging out of the ground.

There are three weapons — the pistols, the chainsaw, and the plasma gun. You have infinite ammo in the pistols, easily the best to use, while getting limited ammo for the chainsaw and the plasma gun.

Yes, yes the game is called 7Days, but there are only 7 missions! Completion time for the game is between 30-45 minutes, maybe even less! There needs to be more weapons — the selection right now is pretty random — *Cough Cough* — plasma gun. The story line could use a bit of a tweak, too. Where is the military in all of this?

On the bright side, the graphics are awesome. The character mapping is exactly like the first Resident Evil. The game is pretty fun, keeping you at the edge of your seat for awhile, of course, until you’re 30 seconds away from winning a 5-minute mission and die. It’s nice to have two different camera angles even if you don’t use them both.

If you want a 3D version of iDracula with a smaller variety of monsters, or if you want to figure out how Dr. Cupper can possibly cure a epidemic but can’t walk more than 2 inches per second for $1.99, this is the game for you.