70's TV Trivia

Those carefree days of the 70’s are gone; do you remember the good times? The Love Boat, Archie Bunker, M.A.S.H.? J.R. was a nefarious oil baron before getting shot in the 80’s, Dallas debuted its long running series while Jack Tripper lives with his two gorgeous roommates under the pretense of being a gay man (while gettin’ down at the Regal Beagle, of course).

It’s time to get in the Way-Back in television history. 70’s TV is all about the groovy scenes and exciting characters. The Fonz could still turn on a jukebox with a sharp punch, and Fred Sanford is still drinking Shampipple (that’s champagne and ripple folks!), along with the foxy ladies from Charlie’s Angels, and the original “Not Ready for Primetime Players” of Saturday Night Live.

So what are you waiting for? Moving on up, and download 70’s TV Trivia now!

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