7 e Mezzo

Sette e Mezzo is the Italian game more interesting and exciting, who does not know?

The nice thing is that it does not require any special skills or abilities, but a bit of cunning.

With your iPhone you can challenge your friends and enjoy an evening

Special features:
*** Languages: Italian, English
*** Nice game sounds
*** Manages MATTA (King of Hearts)
*** Manages Sette e Mezzo REALE
*** The computer play for keeps
*** You can contact us from the app.

The game begins by placing the deck and the cards, in this case the cards are covered.
Prompted the player to make his bet.
Now the player decides whether to get anotner cards or fold.

The game consists in accumulating the highest score.

Play sessions with the highest score are stored in the high score list.

You can change the player and challenge your friends (always playing against the computer)

To request improvements or other things, write to helpdesk@ado2k.com

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