6zer0 Lite

6zer0 is about timing, music and graphics. In this Lite version, we take you through the first ten levels (with the original stopwatch interface) of the full game’s epic 60-level journey in which each second-long move of time is represented by exhilarating graphics. Stop the timer precisely when each second falls. Inaccuracy diminishes the 1.00 seconds of life-time granted at the start of the game. Lightning flashes reward perfect accuracy.

Keep an eye on your remaining life-time (top-right). The Lite version record is to finish it with 0.97s remaining.

Producer George Levings (one half of Commix, Metalheadz) has written an original score for 6zer0 and all game sound effects are samples from that track.

(Note: in 6zer0 Lite you only get the first of the full game’s six stages).

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