TouchArcade’s Game Of The Week!

4/5 – “Combining many popular genres pays off for this original and fast-paced game.” – 148Apps

8.5/10 – “Bardbarian is the most addictive mobile title I’ve reviewed in a very long time. ” – CapsuleComputers

Gameplay is a unique hybrid of: arcade, rpg, strategy/tower defense and a shoot-em-up.

You play as Brad, who is tired of being a barbarian and always wanted to make music, so one day, when his town is under attack, decides to play music instead of fighting. While playing music, brad inspires the townsfolk to fight for him instead of hiding.

The moral of the game is doing what makes you happy instead of what’s expected of you, the irony is that brad could kill most of these enemies with one swing of his weapon, but chooses not to.

Dodge enemy projectiles while your followers attack for you. Use power-solos for attack, defense and speed buffs. Killing 5 enemies without being hit will give you a stun power-solo which knocks back and stuns your enemies, as well as destroying all enemy projectiles.

– Unique, hybrid, genre-bending gameplay
– Hand-drawn original artwork.
– 12 unlockable characters! Customize your party loadout, over 200 possible combinations.
– Collect loot from your fallen enemies and upgrade Brad, the town, and your units in the shop!
– 4 intense boss battles.
– An awesome rock/metal soundtrack by Maximum Satan

Bardbarian Review

Bardbarian, the latest from developer TreeFortress, tells the tale of Brad, a local barbarian village protector. He’s quite used to his routine by now: He has to protect the Town Crystal by fending off the various monsters and baddies that attack. He’s so used to it, as a matter of fact, that he’s outright bored with it. He’s also a somewhat refined barbarian, having an affinity for music, and thusly strings his battleaxe, turning it Read More →