Pirate Legends TD

Are you ready to set sail and blow some salty sea dogs to smithereens? Scour the world in this amazing new nautical strategic defense game – Welcome to Pirate Legends exclusively on iPhone and iPad!

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With stunning visuals and hours of pure enjoyment, Pirate Legends delivers the most unique strategic defense experience that loot can buy.

Sail your ship through a tropical paradise as you defend yourself from waves of the mighty British Navy, hunger-infested cannibal tribes, and the restless undead horde.

Journey and plunder the seven seas with tower upgrades, tech improvements, hero deployments and superpowers!
As the Pirate captain, you’ll need to create a variety of defensive strategies to protect your loot from waves of attacking enemies. Fire off your ship’s cannons, deploy devastating defenses like the Shaman Tower, or unleash the Kraken to devour them whole!
Collect spoils of gold from your warfare and use them to upgrade your defenses! Lead your ragged band of pirates in their quest for power and riches.

Join the pirate adventure today and discover:
– 7 varied lush environments complete with NPC units
– 12 epic battles across the seas against 28 different enemies and 4 terrifying bosses
– 20 unique towers, with 16 powerful tower specials
– Awesome soundtrack with 10+ unique tracks and character voice-overs
– 4 Aerial heroes to command and 5 magical relic powers
– And so much more!”

Pirate Legends TD Review

When you decide to take on the recognized leader in a genre, it’s best to go in guns blazing. This is the tack that developer Super Hippo took when developing a serious competitor for Kingdom Rush. The result is Pirate Legends TD, a game full of interesting twists on the genre, along with some serious oversights in user friendliness. It’s easy to mistake Pirate Legends for Kingdom Rush with a pirate motif. The graphics are Read More →