60’s Poster Girl HD

The sixties were a time of many different trends, most of them focused on the youth. It was a time of breaking conventions and mixing styles, with the fashion world marked by such icons as Jackie Kennedy or the Beatles.

The makeover game 60’s Poster Girl lets you try out all those different new styles. It’s a facial beauty game that takes you through the routine a young woman in the 60’s would have experienced. First of all, take her through a facial treatment which we all know is the foundation of a beautiful, glowing expression. Then, choose an awesome new hairstyle and some cool accessories. Don’t forget to provide some final touches before you go – everything has to be perfect! Finally, select a nice new dress, remembering the most important thing is to choose something to impress. You’re not just dressing up anybody, you’re dressing up a beautiful 60’s Poster Girl!

Recreate the hip atmosphere of the sixties with our new makeover game 60’s Poster Girl. Make her face glow with a wonderful facial treatment, choose the best hairstyle and dress and create a fashion icon worthy of those times.

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