6 Lucky Boxes HD

Dice game: Chuck-a-luck, Crown and Anchor is a Traditional gambling game in many countries (Great Britain, US, France, China and Vietnam).

How to play?
There are 6 lucky boxes displaying 6 mascots: Deer, Chicken, Calabash, Shrimp, Crab and Fish.
The player places bets on one or more boxes, the banker then throws 3 dice (6 faces marked with the 6 mascots)
If there is a bet on any mascots which comes up on one or more of the dice, the banker pays the player twice the amount of his stake. If the mascot doesn’t come up, the player loses his bet.
So use your own strategy to get the best results!

What’s fun?
User-friendly interface and lively sounds.
ScoreLoop – a mobile social gaming network added into the game lets you add friends, see what your friends are playing, view leaderboards, edit your profile.

What’s more?
Connect to the Internet to get some surprises!
And please leave us a comment, review or suggestion, we value them!

Have fun!

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