6-in-1 Board Game Club HD

The HD version of the Board Game Club for iPad: Classic meets innovative. Then you get Board Game Club HD, a board game collection containing 6 classic games including Chess, Backgammon, Checkers, Othello, Connect Four, and Ludo, especially for your iPad. Personalizing players and challenging built-in three levels of AI Players make it combines nonstop entertainment and endless fun. 2+ players, Ages 9-90


* Personalize your player Name & Avatar – Multiple head shape, expression, hair style, glasses, and suite for you to go with.

* Auto rank players based on statistics, winning percentage and score

* user-centered interface, easily and clearly to navigate on iPhone

* Three levels of AI players: Beginner, Expert, Master – If you are a beginner, you can choose to play with beginner, if you are already a skilled player, just try to challenge the harder level and chess with AI masters.

* For beginners, “highlights for available moves” feature will help you learn the rules and make you an expert much faster.

* “Undo” function allow you to take back false moves and avoid subsequent loss, let you play at ease.

* Multiple language support, such as English, Chinese and Japanese

* Save the game before quit, and load it when you want to play

* This set of game supports local network play with other iPad via Bluetooth, or you can play VS your friends on the same iPad

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