Cowboy Cat

It’s a never-ending rivalry between cats and mice, as you’ll be placed in charge of a single feline soldier, armed with two pistols, unlimited ammo and a desire to kill. Cowboy Cat requires that you hold your device horizontally with both hands, and sees bomb-wielding mice appearing at either side of the screen that must be shot by simply tapping on each mouse before their bombs can detonate.

•••••SUPER FUN•••••
✔ Hear Mice yell!
✔ Double Shots!
✔ Your Tapping will go Crazy!

•••••GAME PLAY•••••
☂ Get Resurrects, Lives to Kill more
☂ Unlock 2 extra Game Modes
☂ Never the same game twice

★ Addictive and focused concentration
★ Easy to learn, Difficult to master
★ Full high-resolution Retina Graphics

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