Mad Chef

☆☆☆ You Have Seen Them On Tv ☆☆☆ Mad & Crazy Chefs! Throw Frozen Fish As You Always Have Wanted To Do!!!

But There Is Also Other Cool Weapons You Can Throw On Waiters Or Guest’s, But Watch Out And DONT Hit Master Chef Dillquist, If You Do, He Will Go Midevil On You And Take A Life From You.

Excellent Retina Gfx That Support Any Device You Have.
To Pump Up The Game Experience, There Is Also:

☆ Blood Mode
☆ Zombie Mode

Choose Weapons Like:

☆ Fresh Fish
☆ Potatoes
☆ Plates
☆ Knifes
☆ Hammers
☆ And +20 Other Items.

Be The Mad Chef You Always Have Wanted To Be Today!

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