Dessert Maker

Come play Dessert Maker and create 9 of your favorite tastiest desserts! Step into your kitchen and whip up a unique and delicious dessert! The original developers of the ‘MAKER’ series bring you Dessert Maker!

Now with over 9 different desserts to create:

* Jello Fishbowl
* Chocolate Lava Cake
* Yogurt Parfait
* Cake Pops
* Brownies
* Cream Puffs
* Marshmallow Crispie Squares
* Strawberry Shortcake
* Fried Ice Cream

Have more fun and get super creative with these fun steps!

– Use a white or pink electric mixer
– Get random flavors!
– Cook Brownies with a torch!
– Add random candy fillings to your crispie squares
– and MANY MORE….

With all the choices, you will find yourself creating dessert after dessert! Share your tasty dessert creations with your friends on Facebook or email them. Don’t worry, you don’t have to eat them all now, you can save them for later!

Dessert Maker is brought to you by the inventors of the MAKER series of games. If you enjoy our games, tell your friends, and write a review! Enjoy!

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