Find Animals

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Find all the animals coming out of the conveyor belt. Tap on them and watch them jump! The game tests your ability to find matching animals quickly. They’re many levels for you to choose from. Great for all ages, enjoy the fun!

✔ Hear them yell!
✔ Make them jump higher and higher!
✔ Get streak bonuses!
✔ Sometimes they shift or never stop!

★★★★★”Hands down the cutest memory, concentration game out there”

★★★★★”Great for visual acuteness and eye coordination”

★★★★★”Hard to stop playing this game. Animals are super cute”

•••••9 Level Packs•••••
☂ Easy, Medium, Difficult: Classic!
☂ Nightfall, Mutant, Ultimate: Shadows & Disappearance!
☂ Wander, Scramble, Final Destiny: Motion and Movement!
☂ Bonus Shoot: Unlock 5 Weapons to Blow them Up!

★ Full high-resolution Retina Graphics
★ Adorable, Cute Sounds
★ Many Music backgrounds
★ Easy to learn, Addictive
★ Compete with others in Game Center

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