Vegas! Blackjack

Statistically you only win 4 out of every 10 hands in Blackjack even if play perfectly. The only way to beat the casino is by counting cards.

Play Blackjack in real Vegas style! Learn to count cards to beat the casino or open up your own casinos and invite your friends to play!

*For a limited time only, we will credit you 100,000 chips toward your casino so your friends can start to play at your casino right away!

Key features:
✔ Accurate Vegas style Blackjack game play
✔ Built-in card counter on the casino table
✔ In-game advice
✔ Play at your friends’ casinos
✔ Open up your own casino and configure your own table rules (number of decks, hit/stand on soft 17, double after split, re-split aces, late surrender)
✔ Absolutely free to play with hourly and daily bonuses

If you have played at a real casino, you must have wondered why the dealer is always so good at being one point higher than you and getting 21’s. It’s not because the dealer cheats. It is simply because the game is set up to favor the dealer. Even if you play the game perfectly, you will only win about 42%, push 9%, and lose 49% of your hands. Learn how to still win money despite winning only 42% of your hands through this realistic Blackjack game by following the Basic Strategy chart (see our in-game ‘Beating Blackjack’ guide for details). Get ready for your next Vegas trip!

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