Free gold bonuses, big jackpots, and exciting new levels promise to keep you on the edge of your seat as you travel in this world of magical Slots.

Unlock the secrets of Elunia and find the lost pets hidden throughout the land.  Partake in a unique video slots experience with the highest artistic quality, enchanting background music, and superior gaming wrapped up into one mobile-friendly package! Only you can discover the mysteries hidden within Slots++!

★ Collectable PETS
★ NEW Unlockable Levels with updates
★ High quality, high resolution artwork
★ Magical music soundtrack
★ FREE GOLD BONUSES to help you win!

This newest video slot simulator in the mobile market is brought to you by HitGrab, Inc., an award-winning studio in the social gaming industry on Facebook and iOS that has given you such titles as MouseHunt, Magic Pets, and more! In this delightful spin on slots, unlock new areas and new pets as you enjoy a classic game of chance with a modern twist of whimsy!

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