Warm Welcome to the CAR MAZE, a latest game by iMudra Apps – Creators of Real Piano, Music Instruments, Glow Art for Icons and many more.

Car Maze is a simple, interesting but an addictive game.

CAN YOU SOLVE THIS MAZE? It tests your thinking skills

The objective of the game is to get the car out from a messy car parking zone, you can slide the other vehicles out of your way to achieve the target.

To make the game more interesting, the game is setup in 5 different themes.


• HD Graphics
• 250 levels of addictive game play.
• 5 different environments to choose from.
• Universal app that can be played on all Apple devices. Support – iPhone 3G, 4, 4S/ iPad/ iPod Touch.
• Difficulty increases as you move down the themes.

Alternatively, you can start playing from any theme.

Test drive today and share your valuable feedback to improve future release.

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