Are You A Vampire??

GUYS! TEST YOURSELF! How’s a girl to know if the hunk sucking on her neck is the real deal? She can’t just ask him. You know how men are. “Huh? Sure, baby, I’m a vampire. Turn a little to the left.”

Let’s face it. Vampires don’t look like they used to. Nowadays, they’re likely to wear a beige sweater instead of a black cape, and have tousled hair instead of a widow’s peak.

Created by a team of experts*, the “Are You A Vampire?” test measures vampiric behavior as well as repressed vampiric tendencies**.

Sample Questions:
+ Who is your favorite super hero?
+ How many cattle, sheep or neighbors have died mysteriously near your home?
+ What phrase would best describe your perfect mate?

Sample Answers***:
+ Kissably Pouty
+ Never, but I really want to
+ Balls

Don’t take his word for it. Put him to the test.

* Expert at something.
** Sort of.
*** Sample answers don’t necessarily go with the sample questions.

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