★ Qoogi+ featured by AppGratis on October 12 ★
★ #1 top seller iPad app in Spain and Brasil ★
★ #1 top iPad games seller in France ★
★ #2 top iPad games seller in Italy ★
★ #7-#50 top iPad games in Mexico, UK, USA, Belgium, Argentina, Chile, Austria ★

QOOGI cross is a logic one-player board game.

When you push any button it changes its state along with the others buttons located nearby on cross from the pressed one.

The goal is to solve a puzzle. The puzzle is solven and you are the winner when all QOOGI buttons are of the same color (blue or yellow).

Good luck and have a great time solving QOOGI!

* universal for iPhone and iPad
* infinite levels count: each time you start the game new level is generated
* 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 boards for iPhone and iPod Touch
* bonus 6×6 and 7×7 fields for iPad
* The New iPad retina graphics included
* ambient background music and minimalistic sound effects
* powerful educational potential beyond the simplicity

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