Unite red jelly balls into a one big happy jelly!
JellyBall is a projectile, puzzle-based game with soft-body physics. Your objective is to unite all red jelly balls on each level into a one big happy jelly by making strategic water balloon shots. The further you shoot the balloon from the cannon, the more powerful and further the balloon will fly. Think before you go trigger happy-random shooting won’t help you complete levels-the fewer shots will secure more points and earn stars to unlock the next level and package. A certain object must be moved, certain jelly balls must be combined first, and arch angle, distance, and projectile power must be considered as well.


* Soft-body Physics based puzzle
* 80 Levels and more to come
* Combine all jellies to complete a level
* Earn 40 stars to unlock the package 2
* Earn 80 stars to unlock the package 3
* Earn 120 stars to unlock the package 4
* Optional in-app purchase to unlock packages
* Retina Display support
* Game Center Support

Game Trailer :

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