Who Am I ??

WhoAmI is a cross between “Guess Who” and “Words with friends.” It is based on a popular party game where players are assigned a secret identity and have figure out who they are by asking yes/no questions. Play with your friends all around the planet.

WhoAmI is challenging and fun. Unlike other social games, it is impossible to cheat at WhoAmI by using word finders, etc. Every game is different, and stays challenging and fun forever.

Download now to enjoy the following features

- Remotely play with any of your friends
- Integration with your contacts list and facebook helps you find friends using WhoAmI
- Keeps track of win/loss statistics
- See previous games you have played

Here’s what people are saying about WhoAmI:

- The best social game I’ve played on my phone. -Sarah W.

- This is the only social game where it actually matters who your opponent is. You know your friend’s tendencies, and that makes all the difference in guessing who they chose for you. -Rob S.

- Excellent replay-ability. Each game is fresh. -Alan S.

- Great for the casual gamer. Any time I’m waiting for something, I pop out WhoAmI and ask some questions. -Anon.

- It’s awesome that you can’t cheat. It really makes you think. It’s not just about looking up words in an online word finder. -Kevin T.

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