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Learn the basics, the fun way, with your pals, the Doozles!

Doozles is an interactive experience, enriched with cute and colorful characters, that can teach everyone and anyone about Animals, Colors, Letters, Numbers, Shapes, and Sounds.

Meet and get an in-depth look at any of the characters by simply touching them. Each Doozle has it’s own unique personality and sound.

Each educational game is intended to teach a basic skill by asking the player to touch the correct object on the screen. The correct choice gets a jump and a yell from your Doozle companion.

Doozles is intended to be a long running brand with multiple games and future editions. Each edition will have new characters and/or new environments. Collect them all!

Although these games are intended for young children, anyone can enjoy Doozles.

Special Features:
• Meet each Doozle.
• Play the educational games.
• Discover and keep track of other available Doozles games.
• Discover and keep track of other available Doozles editions.
• Editions are a way to fully transform your Doozles app with a new theme, environment, and characters.
• Info page with development credits.

Specific Features:
• Animals Game: Learn about animals by selecting the correct animal on screen.
• Colors Game: Learn basic colors by selecting the correctly colored Doozle on screen.
• Letters Game: Learn the alphabet by selecting the correct letter on screen.
• Numbers Game: Learn numbers by selecting the correct number on screen.
• Shapes Game: Learn shapes by selecting the correct shape on screen.
• Sounds Game: Learn about animal sounds by selecting the correct animal on screen that is associated with the sound that plays.

• Original Edition: The original set of characters in a pleasant and colorful field.
• Arctic Edition: Take a trip to the arctic with these playful batch of characters who just love chilling out.

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