Downhill Madness!

Think you’ve got what it takes to make it down the powdery slopes safely?

Well here’s your chance. Help your Character Pengy and his friends find their way down the mountain as quickly as you can, avoid the trees and iceburgs as they can be hazardous to your health!! Collect as many gems and special items hidden in crates as you can to unlock new characters, levels and add-ons.
Each of the characters have their own special attributes like higher top speeds, quicker turning less life lost when hitting objects, once you have mastered the easy settings move up in difficulty to see how you compare with your friends scores in game centre.
One of the add-ons is the child feature found in the shop this unlocks all of the characters and items in the game and also keeps your character from losing his life allowing your children to play for as long as they desire.

Game Features:

– Action game on the slopes!
– Multiple Characters to unlock – each with unique abilities
– Power ups to help you along the way
– Collectible gems in game helps you unlock upgrades quicker
– Stunning Graphics!
– Earn the right to move onto additional, more challenging levels
– Game Center
– Universal app works on iPad, iPod, and iPhone
– Child friendly
– Listen to your own tunes in game
– Beat the clock or complete the distance to finish

See you on the slopes!

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