“The app is called Domination! who want some?” – Erykah Badu
“Playing Domination! with all my friends! So fun I love it!” – Kaley Cuoco
“Do Work on some Domination!” – Christopher “Big Black” Boykin

Join the newest and most addictive dominoes game app on iPhone and iPad! Enjoy our uniquely modern and social twist on the incredibly popular and age old international game of Dominoes. Domination! entices you with huge scoring potential, challenges everything you know or don’t know about dominoes and pushes your brain to the brink of insanity with exponential scoring scenarios. Play 2, 3 or 4 player games against friends and family, or dominate our worldwide random players arena!
Beginners are always welcome and it takes no time to learn. Simply review the rules and game play sections and after a few games you’ll be ready to take on the pros!

Find and invite people from Facebook, your contact lists or by username and create and play as many games as you want. Don’t take too long to make your move or other players will “bump” you to move the game along! Have fun exposing other player’s mistakes and capitalizing on them with a big play, then let them know about it with our in-game group chat feature (paid version only).

Challenge yourself by knocking down all of our achievements including the elusive “Bonemaster.”
Once you’ve dropped yet another huge score on the other players and accepted your magnificence, post your big score to Facebook for the ultimate bragging rights!

Check out the key features:

MULTIPLIERS: Dominate the scoreboard by using multipliers to score huge on the competition. Use a 2x or 3x domino to score. Play multipliers on multiple ends of the game board to combine the multiplier scores together!
CHAT: Use chat to voice how you really feel after you lay down that double 5 with a 3x multiplier…..”Get Some!”
PUSH NOTIFICATIONS: Know when it’s your turn to lay down a bone
BUMP: Remind your friends when they’re lagging and it’s their turn to make a play
FACEBOOK: Connect to Facebook and locate all your friends to instantly match and play
UP TO 4 PLAYERS: Turn-based design allows up to 4 players and UNLIMITED simultaneous games!

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