Hangman Free.

The traditional hangman game in animated version with impressive graphics and easy to use. Try to guess the proposed word or phrase.
You can fail up to 6 times before you end up hanged.

Available in several languages, including English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, it has a sophisticated and intuitive interface.

It has an intelligent points system, in which your current score is based on the value of each letter multiplied by a factor that decreases
with time.

Also 2 player mode available, in which you can introduce your own words and play with a friend!

Hangman also has an interesting category in which you can learn English, Spanish, German, French or Italian and at the same time have fun.
With a huge amount of words and phrases,


★ 5 languages
Both the game and the dictionary are available in Spanish, English, French, German and Italian.

★ More than 10,000 words

★ Play in every device
Universal app with HD+ graphs that take advantage of the new iPhone screen.

★ Advanced system to avoid repetition of words.

★ Available game center with world rating tables.

★ Single and 2-player game modes.

★ In 2-player mode, one player can introduce the words, and the other has to guess them.

★ Background music and sound effects.

★ Fun and educational at the same time.

★ Auto-save when the app is closed or when answering a phone call during the game, so you can continue where you left.

We hope you enjoy HANGMAN*!

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