The best Dots and Boxes game for your iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad. You no longer need pencil and paper to play your favorite game.

Dots is a simple and fun game where two players take turn to play. The players have to draw a line between two dots and when a player draws a line and completes a box, then the box is marked with his designated color. The player gets a bonus turn on completing a box. The game ends when all the boxes have been marked. The player who owns the maximum boxes wins!

You can play Dots with your friends, with computer and online against your friends or random opponents via Game Center.

If you are playing single player mode, you get to play 3 different modes – easy, medium and hard.
The system will play based on your skill level. The artificial intelligence used by the app makes sure that easy is actually easy to beat where as hard will just be very tough to beat.

For online, you get to play two different types of Four In A Row game. The classic Dots is the one where you can take your time to make your move.
For fast users, we have got ‘Timed’ Dots. Here the user gets 5 sec. per move.

The graphics will add to your experience of playing your very old Dots game. The look and feel has been designed aesthetically to enhance your experience.


– Great graphics along with soothing sound.
– Computer designed with Artificial Intelligence to give a lively experience.
– Score tracker for single and double player mode.
– Online gameplay over 3G or WiFi (Game Center)
– Timed variation included for fast players (Online play)

Enjoy the Dots Experience.

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