Universal Rating: 4+

Flight! is a game from Armor Games Inc, originally released 19th July, 2012


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Flight! Review

In London, a girl wants her mother home for Christmas, so she writes a letter to Santa, folds it into a paper airplane, and tosses it out the window. From there, you have to pick it up, throw it again, and keep it in flight across exotic locations like Africa, India, and Japan until it finally reaches its destination. It sounds like a Hallmark movie, but Flight! is just a simple game with a sweet story.

Flight!’s publisher, Armor Games, have previously ported their Flash hits Kingdom Rush and Shift 2 to iOS. Flight! shares some of Armor’s recognizable features, like sharp visuals and bite-sized levels, making it a natural fit for your touchscreen device.

Craning upwards.

Early in the game, all you can do is flick the paper airplane and let it gather stars, which earn you money, until it falls back down to the ground. It’s not until you accumulate some cash that you can steer your plane up or down, give it a turbo boost, or turn all of the stars into rainbow stars, which will let you soar a lot faster and further. Earning more and more money each round is so simple that you can practically play the game on auto-pilot, with no consequence for looking away from the screen.

What keeps Flight! from becoming dull is the skill required in picking up origami cranes, which will multiply your points, golden stars, which boost you ahead, and rainbow dice, which will grant you a random power-up. The cranes, gold stars, and dice all require a bit of precise navigation to catch, especially when they’ve got a good amount of speed and a head start. You barely have to try to pick up the ordinary cash stars, though– they’ll naturally hit your plane like bugs in a windshield.

Today’s your lucky day!

As you hoard cash and unlock new abilities, you’ll slowly and automatically progress through the game’s storyline. The story’s not a big reason to play the game by itself, but it does give you the sense of movement that offsets the gameplay’s repetitive nature.

In Flight!, one of the last upgrades you can unlock turns your paper plane into an origami frog when it hits the ground, and we would have liked to see more of this sort of delightful absurdity throughout the game. Perhaps with a few substantial content updates, Flight! could stand out a little more from similar flying games.

You can play Flight! for free on the web, but this polished portable version is still worth owning. It doesn’t feel quite as unique as other iOS flying games like Vikings Can Fly or Fly Kiwi, Fly, but Flight! is simple and charming, if a bit generic.