Help the Bee to collect the (Honey Stars) and pass through challenges it face in each different level. With a lot of traps and mighty enemies its going to be a tough journey for the Bee to get back to the beehive.

=== Rainbow World ===
Collect the (Honey Stars) while being aware of the colored buzzers, they are the greatest challenge for the bee.

=== Crocus Field World ===
Lead the bee and collect the (Honey Stars), you have 3 stars to collect. Watch out for (Buzzers) and (Gas Pumps), Buzzers will electric shock the bee and lose you the level, while the Gas Pumps will slow the bee’s speed a lot and this might be bad if you run out of time!, as timer is counting. There are more thing that the bee should deal and be aware of but will leave that to the game to find out.

=== Classic Mode ===
Collect the honey for bees by just taping the right honey cell. The Yellow Cells will give you (1) score point, while if you hit the Green Cell with the star on you get (5) score points, be aware of the Black Cells since they will cost you a life drop but don’t worry very much about them, though if you collect the Life Cells once you need them, they will refill your life again.

Each level requires you to collect a certain number of honey cells in a limited time, you need to be as quick as possible to collect the needed honey which give you 3 stars in that level, if not enough for three stars you will get 2 and so on. Each level require a specific amount of stars to be already collected to unlock and play, so try not missing any of the stars in previous levels.

The Bees, if you hit them you will have a score drop by (1), so try not hitting them and avoid when possible.

=== New Super Powers ===
Super powers are going to help you pass challenges that you might find tricky and hard to get through in some levels.

= Shields =
They are very effective and useful when facing buzzers, they allow the bee to pass across the buzzers without being shocked!

= Ice Shocks =
Sometimes you draw long or full paths then suddenly a buzzer turns ON while the bee is moving, and you don’t want to lose all that path just to wait until that buzzer turns OFF and draw the bee’s path again, this is a time waste. So here comes the Ice Shocks, they will freeze the bee and keep the path. To make the bee move again just tap it to break the ice.

** More Worlds and levels coming soon **

★ Enjoy :)

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