Now You Make The Call

Think you know the rules of baseball? Well, Think Again! Here is your chance to test your baseball-IQ.

Join us on this journey as we analyze some of the most interesting plays in baseball.

An umpire’s biggest enemy… is surprise. When the unusual happens, players, managers, coaches, media, and even the fans, look to the umpires for the answers. After taking your turn behind the plate, and learning to solve these complex baseball situations, you’ll have a lot more answers than ever before. We guarantee that you will see the game in a whole new light!

Umpires Media presents the rules of baseball in a fun, informative approach.
Watch the high definition video situation, then its your turn… “You Make the Call”.
Make the right call and score points to achieve Pro or Superstar status. But you must be quick my friend. When you’re the ump, baseball fans have no patience for a delayed call.

Make the wrong call, then watch a detailed explanation video of the correct ruling.

Free version includes videos for 10 baseball situations. One rules explanation video is also included.
Upgrade to the Pro version and get all 25 situations including ALL rules explanations.

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