Poker Puzzle!

Want the relax of a solitaire and the excitement of Poker?
Poker Puzzle is just that.
The objective of this solitaire game is to obtain the best poker hands in a 5×5 grid. Placing cards are done one at a time and once a card is placed on the grid, it can no longer be moved. Six empty cells are available to discard cards or save them for later placing.
To place cards, just drag them into an available cell or double tap the available cell.
Free version is the fully featured app with only 2 empty cells. Taking advantage of 4 more empty cells to maximixe your points is available as in app purchase.
Game keeps track of your total points and Gamecenter leaderboard will take you in the competition with the rest of the world.
Try this new solitaire game!
Try this new Poker game!

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