Bubble Blast!

Famous Mr. Bubble eventually on IOS devices with a new performance! Bring you taste the mystery of Underwater world! Do you like chain reaction games? Then you will love Mr. Bubble! Touch a bubble to start a chain reaction and clear the levels in this addictive puzzle game! You can start but you’ll never be able to stop. In this very addictive puzzle game you burst bubbles to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them.

★classic Mode:
Try to go as far as you can! Click on the bubbles make it reptured,cause chain reaction to clean all bubbles on the screen.It is an endless level mode.

★Puzzle Mode:
There are over 525 carefully designed levels in 21 chapters wait you to solve.21 chapters of difficulty is increasing.Can you resolve these difficult bubble puzzles?

★challenge Mode:
There are plenty of level with ultimate difficulty waiting you to solve in this mode,release your whole potential to solve them and win the treasure in deep sea!

-Easy to learn and addictive gameplay
-3 game modes to play
-More than 525 levels to solve
-Beautiful cartoon graphics
-The joy of popping Bubbles

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Should you have any suggestions and problems about Mr. Bubble, please do not hesitate to inform us. We promise to improve in our next version.you can write in review or mail to:bubbleblast@mybogame.com .thanks

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