5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)

5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself) is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself) Review

The movie Groundhog Day is genius for a number of reasons, but for those with a dark sense of humor, it’s pretty funny to watch the few minutes in which the protagonist, Bill Murray, tries to repeatedly off himself to end his mundane life. Playing off that notion is the Adult Swim game 5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself), in which the worst aspects of office life become the tools of your own destruction. Based on the popular Flash game, available for free on the net (but not on your iPhone), this momentary diversion may be fun for some, but becomes stale quickly.

The chief problem is that this is barely a game. You begin in your cubicle, apt to losing your mind, when you get one more meeting request. This sets you off on a path of self-destruction, and you must kill yourself before the meeting begins. Ordinary office supplies, your coworkers, and your own ingenuity become your tools in this brief quest. Drink bleach, inhale fumes from fire extinguishers, enrage your cube mates… whatever it takes to get the job done. The quicker you do it, the higher your score. The result is a bloody (albeit highly stylized) mess. The more you play, the more things you’ll find to do.

This is what working in a cubicle will do to you.

And that’s basically the whole game. The only other option is to compete against friends or perfect strangers in a “deathmatch” to see who can die more quickly. Fun? You can probably squeak in a few entertaining kills before it gets old. Funny? Well, if you spent the $2.99 the game costs, then you probably already have a twisted enough sense of humor to make the most of the comic violence.

None of this excuses the fact that you could play this for free online, minus the multiplayer mode. For $0.99, buying this game might seem more reasonable, but it lacks the replayability of a game such as Pocket God, which also has you offing people in creative and funny ways, costs you less, and receives frequent updates. We recommend holding off for a price drop, and only then buy it if you absolutely must satisfy your suicidal desires on the go.