Yahtzee +

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Yatzy + Generala + 10000

Introducing a three in one game with the most popular dice games of all times: Yatzy, Generala and 10000 (Dix Mille). Three perfect board games to play with family and friends.
Yatzy + are the famous rolling dice games played all around the world. The classic games we all love, but now reinvented for Iphone and iPod iTouch.

You can play:
— Single player
— Against a computer controlled opponent
— Multiplayer (1 – 5 players)
— vs The highest Score made in the device
— Via Bluetoth with other devices
— Via Gamecenter all around the world

Special Features

* Multiply resolutions, including retina.
* Three different types of rolling dices.
* World Wide Network Multiplayer.
* Play with multiply devices using Bluetooth.
* Two languagues: Spanish and English.
* Awesome sounds. Native volume controls *1.
* Fully customizable.

Also Available for iPad
Now Portuguese version available too for iPhone & iTouch & iPad.

*1 For Volume controls just use your native hard buttons or soft touch bar volume.

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