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Chubby bunny wants to eat, and as much as
he can!
You have to keep him in good shape,
by helping him stay fit.
Pop junk food, tilt to escape and watch out
for his weight.
Explore amazing worlds with lots of surprises.
Think fast,move fast,and be sensitive.

Explore fascinating culinary worlds ,with tasty candies
and lots of junk food,Each world holds its own
challenge that becomes harder. beautiful worlds such as:
-ice creams
and many more worlds- you will have to
discover after hours of playing.

Tilt your iPhone to move,and keep an eye on the scale
and make sure you stay at the right weight, (0-200).
Each food has a calorie tag,so you have to think
fast whether you want to grab it or not.
Touch food to blow it up- and evade it.
The calorie scale is going down fast.
You have to eat enough or you become skinny
but not too much or you become chubby!
Carrots will bring you back to a good scale-collect
as many as you can-bunny remembers that.
Chili will burn you out-so stay away from it!
collect surprises when you see them.
Stay sensitive to what bunny tells you.

This addicting game requires you to move fast
and think fast, combining a gyro and touches
to escape bad food
Always keep an eye on the scale.

Have much fun !

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