Become a soccer star: play 4 great soccer games in a big bundle against your friends and fight for the best high scores in a fun and exciting global soccer competition. 

4 great soccer games in a big bundle for free: 

*Goal Keeper: There is a legend, a myth of someone they call “The Wall”. Some say it’s not possible and buckle under the pressure as the balls come flying faster and faster trying to sneak past your Ninja like reflexes. Can ANYONE get a perfect score? Legend has it, the one they call “The Wall” is the only one. Can you?

*Dribbling: How many stars can you collect before you get pummeled? Bob and weave, shimmy and shake, do a little jig if you want to but whatever you do, DON’T let the soccer balls touch you! If you have the skills and agility of a wild jungle cat, this will be easy. If not, don’t worry, there are awesome power ups you can grab to freeze balls, get a protective shield, and even eat balls! With mustard or without is your choice ;-)

*Juggler: Focus grasshopper… Anyone can get a few good kicks but can you become the new reigning juggling champ? Keep the ball in the air for as long as you can but be careful you don’t let it slip past your foot because bouncing off the turf doesn’t count and your friends will stop at nothing to beat your record!

*Goal Wall: It takes a steady aim, a skilled foot, and maybe a little luck to become the master of the Goal Wall. But with a little practice you’ll get just the right spin and curve on the ball and you’ll score so high your opponents will think you have laser sights on your ball! 

o easy, fun, and entertaining game play 

o Beautiful, deep, colorful, graphics 

o real stadium sound and audio atmosphere 

o Live Experience: The crowds cheer for the heroes and boo the zeros!
o unlock and collect lots of fun achievements

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