Demolition Dash

AWARDS ★★★★★

“Demolition Dash looks outstanding. The level of detail
that’s gone into the artwork here is exceptional. The visuals
are brimming with personality, and the audio is a perfect match too.
Each city absolutely comes to life.” –

“Nearly everything in Demolition Dash is destructible.
We’re talking billboards, cars, balloons, and tons of other
location-dependent items. Your score is, therefore, based on how much
havoc you cause … The colourful graphics, funny characters, and
easy-to-learn gameplay make it appropriate for gamers of all
ages.” –

Demolition Dash is a unique platformer with stunning new gameplay features.
Take control of the tiny monster Zilla and annihilate
everything in sight on your way through eight famous cities. Avoid
dangerous obstacles by jumping, and destroy all objects and enemies
around you with Zilla’s mighty roar. Get Zilla on your iPhone and iPad and let
your destructive urges run wild!

√ Get a sneak peak of Demolition Dash and help Zilla wreak havoc through two major cities!
√ Upgrade to the full version for more game modes to guarantee hours of lasting fun –
World Rampage, with 24 stages, Endless Run and Training Mode!
√ Control Zilla with just two buttons – easy to play but
challenging to master!
√ Physics-based destruction: Smash everything in the cities to
√ Amazing graphics with Retina Display support
√ High-quality sound effects with matching music in each city
√ Support for Game Center and OpenFeint achievements, online
high score lists, and detailed game stats
√ Supported languages: English, German, French, Spanish,
Portuguese and Italian – little Zilla is a cosmopolitan!

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