Aqua Jewel

This is a puzzle game where you link three jewels to make them disappear within the time limit.

AquaJewel provides two modes for you; the Classic Mode where you can
level up gradually or the Quest Mode where you have to change all the
panel background to complete a level!
▶Classic Mode
Switch Jewel by flick to line up same three kinds of Jewel horizontally or vertically.
The Bar at the top reaches left end, game is over. The Bar reaches right end, level goes up!
The more level goes up, score also goes up. Speed of Time bar goes up as well.
▶Quest Mode
Swap one Jewel with an adjacent Jewel to form a horizontal or vertical chain of three or more Jewels.
Every time you form a chain, background will change. When you change all the background, you go to the next level.
You got 5 minutes. Time bar remains count as a bonus as well.
More levels will be added soon.
Sound effects are kindly provided by “Joker Sounds / Maoudamashi”.
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