Zoo World

Zoo World – the much anticipated mini-games platform brought to you by Kakoon Productions.

• 13 cute paper animal characters
• 3 mini games (increasing in difficulty)
• 12 achievements to keep you motivated
• Animal Library
• Real-life physics
• Fun and challenging for all ages
• Rage quit guaranteed
• iPhone 5 retina screen supported
• GameCenter leader boards

The three different game-types are:

1. High Hop (easy)
➢ Tap to jump over the skipping rope
➢ Beware of increasing rope speed

2. Fruit Run (medium)
➢ Tap to move left or right
➢ Beware of trees, mountains, and cliffs

3. Launch Up (hard)
➢ Tap and hold before landing to bounce
➢ Beware of increasing fall speed

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kakoonAUS
Website: www.kakoon.webs.com
Email: kakoon@live.com.au

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