Word Spin

“Warning! Word Spin can be addictive!”
Word Spin is a fun word game just landed on the AppStore! Featuring stunning graphics and a system of play that will test your mind, your speed and your luck.
Word Spin is a race against time to search for longer words and higher value where you have to also rely on luck to be able to score as many points as possible.
Word Spin is the only game that combines the unpredictability of a slot machine with the player’s dictionary knowledge.

– Press the spin button to roll the letters and the slot machine
– Form the longest words possible before time runs out
– The first letter locked determines the multiplier
– With words of 6,7,8,9, or 10 letters you gain bonus points
– With every word obtained you gain 10 seconds
– If you press the reset button you lose 10 seconds
– If you find a word while in the slot machine there are 4 identical symbols you gain a lot of points
– Look at Mr. Word: he will change expression based on your results

✔ Vast dictionary with more than 60000 words long, up to 10 letters
✔ Attractive graphics optimized for Retina Display and innovative gameplay.
✔ Try your luck by trusting to the slot machine.
✔ Generation of ever new combinations.
✔ GameCenter: compete with your friends and get to the top of the standings.

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