Squirrel Game!

Buster the Squirrel was robbed of his prized Giant Acorns by the forest critters.

Help Buster steal back his prized acorns in this tree jumping wacky action packed adventure! Using your arsenal of nutty weapons you will fight against an army of Birds, Spiders, and Bees who are hoarding the nuts! In the Squirrel Game you will face the challenges of strategic jumps, dodging and shooting enemies on your way to unlocking your Giant Acorns.

– 180 exciting levels with more coming soon
– 3 different weapon types
– Advanced physics simulation makes you feel like a real squirrel
– 9 different enemy types
– 4 squirrels to choose from
– Retina graphics for iPhone and iPad
– Win gift cards and discounts with Kiip rewards!
– Zoomable gameplay
– Powerups

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