★★”Beautiful to see, beautiful to hear.”

★★”A mix between the famous “Simon Says” and the gyroscope of the iPhone4: here is the new and outstanding memory-game Audioring”

Audioring is an innovative memory-game that combines the simplicity of “Simon Says” with the immediacy of your iPhone/iPad/iPod accelerometer.
Listen to the sound sequence and try to replay it perfectly by letting the ring hit the sound walls

Two, four and six sounds arenas are awaiting you: will you be able to reproduce the longer sequence?
How far can your memory go?

Challenge your friends and beat them!

A minimal graphic design and an original concept make Audioring a truly innovation of its kind.

✓ Retina display graphics
✓ Includes three arenas of 2,4,and 6 sound walls
✓ Addictive gameplay
✓ Includes 5 different sound sets

Suggested for all the lovers of the classic masterpiece “Simon Says”.
Turn off the lights and raise the volume, you are getting into Audioring.

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